a poem for my dad


“Yo Adrien, you did it!” proclaims the greeting card

perched proud and patient on my dressertop.

I have been accepted into college and my father

is reminding me that I have worked and earned.


Perching proud and patient, his dressertop

is like him in the morning- softly alert;

reminders of what he’s worked for and earned

fragrant the house from the half-caff carafe, faithful


like him. The morning is softly alert

with his leather-bound prayer, brewed quiet

and fragrant like the carafe of half-caff faithfully

prepared for my mother, next to him


in leather-bound prayer. Brewed quiet

greets me as I stumble in rumbling for breakfast

prepared by my mother, still next to him,

their silent rhythm keeping us all alive.


Greeting me as I stumble in, rumbling for breakfast,

he hugs me with the endurance of seasons;

his silent rhythm keeps us. “Look alive,

Rocky is on TV this afternoon.”


Hugged by endurance and season,

we will slurp Ramen noodles on the couch

watching Rocky on TV this afternoon,

and proclaim it like a greeting: “Yo Adrien, I did it!”


~November 2017 


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