As Tom Hanks narrates so pleasantly in You’ve Got Mail, fall makes me think of school starting, and vice versa. Both make me feel optimistic and crisp. I finally cracked and bought a new spiral notebook for one of my classes instead of recycling old ones, and I love the newness and potential of all those pristine pages. I just tried to write a poem about cardboard in between making drinks at Chester’s, but it fell flat. Maybe next time.

Anyway, things are good being back at Gordon, which means busy. I got into the fall show (yay!) and can already see the weeks of late nights and frantic power-walks to class stretching out before me. Ah, school. There’s something about being right at the edge of my time limit that kicks me into high gear, the same way auditions give me a rush of performance like no rehearsal ever can. I think I function well under just a tiny bit of pressure, though I’d rather write a research paper than admit it.

This means finding time to rest is more important than ever. Power naps have never been my forte, but my dear friend Allie told me about something called a ‘portable sanctuary’ this summer and I’m practicing cultivating that (spiritual rest beats the physical kind any day). Last year I took two hours every week to intentionally not do homework and instead do something that, as my dear friend Kara says, “stirs your affections for the Lord,” and I’ve continued that tradition into this year with good luck so far. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what that phrase means. To do something for myself and Him, that makes me love the life I’ve been given as well as the Giver. I began to develop an ear for His love over the summer, and I’m getting a better sense of what it looks like to worship Him in the mundane and find beauty in small moments. It’s fun.

Some of my goals for this semester include memorizing the book of 1 Peter, spending quality time with the girls in my apartment (we have a photoshoot planned for a field of sunflowers soon!), developing my own styles in Poetry and Directing, finishing my High School Musical manifesto, and finding people to mentor and be mentored by. Ask me about those sometime if you pass me on the sidewalk. Especially the High School Musical one.

Favorite music of the week:

-Great Is Thy Faithfulness (all the time, because SO TRUE)

-Apologies by Jillian Edwards (good for car singing)

-Brother by NeedToBreathe (always a standby)

-Waiting For My Time To Come by Colony House (walking to class jams)

-Piano Sonata No. 4 in E Flat by Mozart (beautiful homework melodies)


Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog equivalent of a drive-through. Till next time,




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