It’s my last day at home (possibly till Thanksgiving- woah), and I’m taking a break from stuffing t-shirts into a duffel bag to share some of the random things that are peppering my life lately, as I frantically do the things I won’t be able to in a couple days while simultaneously trying to get all my Camp Tapawingo ducks in a row.


I’m trying to read a bit every day, because I miss the days of my youth, when I’d curl up with a novel for hours on end, unable to comprehend anything else (including my mom calling me to dinner five feet away). And because I know I’ll be too busy to read much when camp starts, and then again when school starts in the fall. Here’s some (only some! I ordered a shameful amount on Amazon last week!) of my new ones that I’m either a) reading, or b) about to read- hopefully.

The Triggering Town- Essays on Poetry and Writing by Richard Hugo, full of great practical advice about creative writing for people who love it.

The Shape of Things by Neil LaBute, a play recommended during Theater History II that I’m excited to check out (since I have a fond artistic history with Neil LaBute)

Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers, a charismatic and witty British murder mystery. The protagonist is one of those awesome, non-detectives who sticks his nose into everything and always has a glass-half-full attitude, and the crime gets more puzzling by the chapter.

Best 10 Minute Plays of 2016 by several people, obviously (hoping to get some ideas for my Directing Class next year)

Fourth of July by James Patterson. I listened to the audiobook of this one in my car (can you say you’ve read a book if you listened to it? The age old question) and really enjoyed it. Kind of like watching an 8-hour-long Castle episode: plucky cop protagonist, unsolved cold case, and the ending (and killer) was unexpected. Solid and entertaining.

My goal is to do some reading at night in my bunk, or at least on my days off. We’ll see if that happens. But there you have it.


As I prepare for yet another 8-hour drive, I’m looking for ways to stay alert and entertained that don’t eat up my data while I’m on the road. (Google Maps does that enough). Podcasts have the double advantage of keeping our family’s cell phone bill low while making me feel witty and intelligent. My (very) new favorites are:

Gilmore Guys– two male comedians sit around analyzing episodes of Gilmore Girls– the acting, the fashion, the boy drama, all of it. What’s not to love?

My Favorite Murder- two female comedians sit around reading true crime stories while bantering about how to “stay sexy and not get murdered”; a warm and delightful take on crime stories (shout out to Rachel Baldwin for introducing me).

Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review– Haven’t listened to much of this one yet, but according to my dear friend (and fellow LAMDA alum) Margaret, it’s full of British banter (it’s a BBC 5 podcast) and great insights about movies. Two of my favorite things.

Bonus: This isn’t exactly a podcast, but it’s an audio piece THAT I MADE (what?!). Just posted today on the Public Radio Exchange, it’s a compilation of stories that my grandfather and uncle (on my dad’s side) told me about their days as police officers. It’s funny and suspenseful, and sometimes really emotional. I loved making it and was super nervous to send it to my extended family. If you’d like to check it out on PRX, here’s the link:

TV Shows

Gilmore Girls (obviously)

New Girl (awaiting Season 7 with baited breath)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (I started Season 3, finally)

Turn: Washington’s Spies (I won’t be able to watch the final season live, and it’s BREAKING MY HEART- everyone please tune in to AMC starting June 17th and watch it for me)

The first episode of LOST (it happened during a newfound tradition of me and my brother: Pilot Night, where we watch a bunch of pilot episodes of tv shows we’ve never seen. I can’t make any promises)


Jackie- amazing acting, thought-provoking perspective on the JFK assassination, wasn’t my favorite in terms of general enjoyment, but it’s worth it for the artistic merit.

John Wick 2- I will forever endorse good action movies, and this is one. The first one set an impressive enough precedent, and the sequel more than delivered, in my opinion. It’s more beautifully shot than most gritty action films, and is proof that this genre doesn’t need loads of heavy backstory to be gripping.

Wild– This got me more excited to be in the woods than any of my actual preparation for my summer job. Reese Witherspoon gets better and better every time I see her in something, and as someone who loved this book, it does the story lots of justice.

A Monster Calls- Beautiful animation mixed in with live-action, a lovely dose of Liam-Neeson-voice, and a gorgeously understated score. I also loved this book, so it’s a bit hard for me to let that go, but I think as a story that could have been marketed as a kid’s movie, this film did a good job of not backing away from some heavy stuff while still remaining whimsical and uplifting.

Hope you enjoy those. Besides all that, I recently acquired some great wool socks, and lots of all-natural, biodegradable bath products. (Ladies, I can recommend some sulfate-free shampoos if you’re interested.) Oh! And I got a haircut! So altogether, I’m feeling fresh and earthy for the woods.

Mostly nervous though. But it’ll be okay. If I felt totally prepared, like I could do it all, what would I need to rely on God for? So here goes nothing.

Happy trails this summer, friends. See ya when I see ya.





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