As promised, some pictures! I’ll let them do most of the talking for this post.

IMG_0424.jpgPunting in Oxford! It’s way harder than it looks. Sam is clearly annoyed with my lack of progress here. Visiting the boys was great fun.


IMG_0770.JPGThe Globe is pretty rad. We saw a show here this past week and it was the most incredible Shakespeare I’ve ever seen. It was the first time I shed actual tears at a play.

IMG_0450.jpgIMG_0490.JPGSt. Pauls! It’s so grand. I’ve been for choral evensong and Sunday service, and both were so beautiful they nearly moved me to tears.

IMG_0547.JPGIMG_0550.JPGIMG_0553.JPGHampton Court Palace, a wondrous place. The weather was beautiful this day as well.

IMG_0587.JPGMy humble abode šŸ™‚ (That paper with tons of colored squares on it is my insane schedule.)

IMG_0751.jpgIMG_0752.jpgThe small but beautiful Anglican church I mentioned briefly in my last post.

IMG_0755.JPGIMG_0594.jpgA lovely Sunday afternoon spot called Richmond Green. I’ve had a couple refreshing outdoor lunches here.

IMG_0652.JPGTook this while walking across the bridge to see a show at the National. I live here???

IMG_0696.jpgThis is one of the cats that lives on my street. His name is Whisky and I love him even though he knows he’s better than me.

IMG_0672.JPGThe friendly neighborhood Ravenscourt Park tube station.


IMG_0791.jpgIMG_0758.JPGSome of my proudest cooking moments. It’s a really big deal, guys.

img_4166img_4201img_4229img_4253img_4236img_4272I can’t talk about how wonderful Richmond Park is without sighing and wanting to burst into tears. It’s everything I was craving in the midst of city life. You immediately feel like you’ve traveled miles into the countryside, and all you can see is trees and meadows for miles. The wild stags are pretty territorial (except for this majestic one just above, who was just sitting there waiting to be photographed), otherwise I’d be trying to interact with them more. Both times I’ve gone, it’s been practically a full day affair, and the hours fly by because I forget that time doesn’t actually stop when I’m there.

IMG_0616.jpgOh, and here’s me and Josh on my birthday. šŸ™‚


Hope those of you that haven’t seen these yet will enjoy them.

More wordiness will follow.




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